Chai à vin (76)

76000 Rouen

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Built after the Second World War (Architect P-M. Lefebvre), the Wine Storage Cellar is an emblem of the outcome of a streamlining approach to bulk wine storage, reflecting the importance of the City of Rouen in wine trading. It remains the largest Wine Storage Cellar to have been built in Europe. The building is an architectural showcase that the Port of Rouen would like to see preserved in the industrial landscape of the Saint-Gervais esplanade. Its exceptional interior and the quality of its facades give it remarkable potential. The Wine Storage Cellar has yet to be allocated its rightful place in the changes occurring as part of the urban regeneration in progress, resulting in the organization of major events (Saint Romain Fair, Concerts in the Region, Armada,
etc.), and the presence in a relatively close area of leisure activities (Hangar 23 dedicated until recently to artistic / cultural programme, maritime museum, Kindarena, the Docks 76 shopping center). The site has direct access to the re-developed quays of the right bank, as well as to the major transport infrastructure (including urban transport).
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Opportunities / issues :
Located in an area of urban regeneration, with significant potential in terms of surface area for development, the Wine Storage Cellar is well-known, and the co-existence of several activities within the building is possible.
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Boulevard Émile Duchemin
76 000 Rouen

The Rouen Port Authority (GPMR)

Current occupations
Free of occupation - the functional features of the building have been preserved since the end of the activity.

This site will part of the first round of the call for proposals which will be launched in May 2016


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