Ponton Promenades - Loisirs. Jeanne d'Arc (76)

76100 Rouen

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Given the natural, architectural and heritage assets of the Rouen Metropolitan area and the bends of the river Seine, the Rouen Port Authority (GPMR) intends to promote the development of river tourism. As such, the site presented, Conveniently located close to the historical City centre, has serious potential for hosting the organization of river excursions or recreational activities. Based in Rouen, immediately downstream from the Joan of Arc bridge, the site has a wharf apron with which to berth a pontoon with direct access to the quays on the left bank. Located in the heart of the left bank promenade (grassland, play areas, gardens...) still under development (Compl. 2017-2018).
*perimeter and area given as a guide only

Opportunities / issues :
Supporting a growing sector in the the metropolitan area - electrical connection project for Vessels in dock - ongoing redevelopment of the downstream quays on the left bank (leisure-relaxation)
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Quais bas – Rive gauche Pont Jeanne d’Arc
76 100 Rouen

Rouen Port Authority (GPMR).

Current occupations:
The downstream quays on the left bank are the subject of a recreation/relaxation planning scheme designed for use by the general public.

This site will part of the first round of the call for proposals which will be launched in May 2016


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