Ecoquartier Flaubert – Tranche 1 îlot B

76100 Rouen

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On the occasion of the launch of the first block of the Flaubert ecodistrict, avenue Jean Rondeaux, a lot will be dedicated to service activities primarily related to the port sector of the metropolitan area. As the leading European port for grain exports, Rouen is also the leading French port for agribusiness and agro-industrial products. This strong position as a port, linked to Rouen’s unique geographical location, is of benefit to the economy of the Metropolitan area. Located on the Rondeaux block in a high profile site,
this first operation in the Flaubert ecodistrict will be a showcase in terms of the environmental ambitions of the project.
*perimeter and area given as a guide only

Opportunities / issues:
The project will form part of the reconquest of urban and port wasteland undertaken by the Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Authority with the development of the Banks of the Seine, the Flaubert ecodistrict, and hangars: the 106 (SMAC), the 108 offices of the Metropolitan authority and the 107.
Avenue Jean Rondeaux
76 100 Rouen

Type of transfer of rights proposed / Owner
Real estate project : the island B is part a development agreement between SPL Rouen Normandy Aménagement and the property developer Linkcity.

This site will part of the first round of the call for proposals which will be launched in May 2016


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