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Located between the William the Conqueror bridge and the current hangar «Le 106», a concert hall dedicated to contemporary music, the Espace 105 corresponds to the land use of the demolished former port hangar 105 and its surroundings. This quay age which is now free from occupation enables direct access to the River Seine. It is part of a rapidly changing urban environment (development of a leisure area upstream, completed or ongoing rehabilitation of the hangars 106, 107 and 108, Flaubert ecodistrict) it will complete the 3km long left bank promenade and will be connected to the future own-site bus service (Compl. 2018).
*perimeter and area given as a guide only

Opportunities / issues : 
Rapidly changing district, ongoing development of hangars 107 and 108 and Flaubert ecodistrict project, the Metropolitan Authority wishes to promote local produce and regional cooking products on this site.
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Quai Jean de Béthencourt
76 100 Rouen

Rouen Port Authority (GPMR)

Current occupations: 
Free from any occupation.

This site will part of the first round of the call for proposals which will be launched in May 2016


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