Frissard Peninsula

Terrain Frissard sud-ouest - Quai des Antilles - 76600 Le Havre

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The Frissard peninsula is located on a former part land use area near the Vauban Docks rehabilited by Reichen in 2009 and the Bains des Docks, a swimming pool designed by Jean Nouvel and opened in 2008. In the past, the Docks on the one hand and the Vatine Basin on the other marked the cotton and coffee trade in Le Havre (resulting in the construction ot the docks in the middle ot the 19th century). Today, this sector at the start of the Saint-Nicolas district (the location for a major urban project since the early 2000th) has hybridized by becoming more urban while retaining the attraction and dynamism of a neighbouring port. Whith the installation one after the other of the University ot Technology (IUT), the Higher Institue of Logistics Studies (ISEL), the Sciences-Po / National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) / University Building this year and those of the Engineering and Logistics Department (PIL) and the National Merchant Naval Academy (ENSM), the campus in Le Havre has become more maritime-oriented by moving on this district, designed to be contemporary showcase for the Ocean City Ther Frissard peninsula is surrounded by three major docks : to the north the Vauban dock wich includes a marina and a walkway for access to the train station and the tram; the south Vatine dock now used for water sports and events (the Jacques Vabre transatlantic yacht race); and the Eure dock, a large active shipping dock, marked the last two years by the arrival of the river cruise ships calling at the western part of the peninsula (quai de Marseille).

The Frissard peninsula is one of the prestige sites in the port city. If on the northwest end the town-planning development programme is known (digital technology centre, new schools, etc.), the plot in the southwest is for a large-scale, medium to long term porogramme, the contents and feasibility conditions of which have to be fully defined before launching the operation. This period could be used to prepare for the main project. For example, an arts centre liable to use the space on a temporary basis could support the peninsula's change as well as the student life that is going be created with the arrival of new higher education establishments and facilities.

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Terrain Frissard - Quai des Antilles
76 600 Le Havre

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