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Bassins historiques (Vauban, Vatine, Barre et Eure) - 76600 Le Havre

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The historic docks of the port of Le Havre form a showcase for the port city. Backing onto the railway station, the docks are a lively area due to the activity of the port and new metropolitain uses (boating, river cruises, naval academy campus, etc.), and support the revival of Le Havre that began in the sector by the rehabilitation of the Saint-Nicolas district, a major urban project on the city-port interface. The large-scale rehabilitation programme (the Docks Vauban shopping and leisure centre) and contemporary architecture have marked the recent buildings (swimming pool, business schools and soon the Congress centre). Life on the waterfront and on the water is being organizing to benefit from the district's specific attractiveness.

To support the diversification of accomodation possible in the city centre of Le Havre, what il lacking today is a real water-related offer, in addition to the new marina, which could benefit from the environment which has now been made highly attractive.

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Bassins historiques du port (Vauban, Vatine, Barre et Eure)
76 600 Le Havre

Occupations actuelles
Usages portuaires, port de plaisance, activités de loisirs nautiques… (suivant les bassins)

Grand Port Maritime du Havre

Ce site sera dans la vague 1 de l’appel à projets qui sera lancée en mai 2016

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