Link between the Quai de Southampton and the Pointe de Floride

Bassin de la Manche - Quai de Southampton - 76 600 Le Havre

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The maritime port of entry to Le Havre is the site of an intense flow of shipping (oil tankers, roro, commercial vessels, service vessels, ferries, cruise ships, etc.) that illustrates the economic drive ot the port and makes the link between the city and the world of shipping visible to all. The city and the port are working jointly on the enhancement of this key sector in the history of Le Havre in order to make it a leading, prestige site in the city-port interface. To the north the quai de Southampton backing onto the Perret Front will be completely revamped, the first effects of which are already visible to mark the 500th anniversary of Le Havre in 2017. Opposite to the south, Florida Point is used to berth over a hundred port calls by cruise ships each year. Between being a listed UNESCO World Heritage site, the port atmosphere and the thriving cruise trade there is natural tension between the large dock (quai de Southampton) which still forms port of the city and the Florida Point which is already in the world of shipping.

The overland route between the Quai de Southampton and Florida Point is complex and currently of little value. Establishing a connection via the bassin de la Manche would create a shorcut and a much more interesting experience for visitors. Il would provide users of the crossing with unprecedented views of the city and the port. The connection would link the Malraux Museum (MUMA); with the 2nd largest collection of impressionist paintings in France), the South Waterfront (Perret), the port center on on one side, with the maritime museum, the cruise terminal and maritime observation point created by the extension of the Florida Point on the other. 

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Quai de Southampton (Bassin de la Manche)
76 600 Le Havre

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Le bassin de la Manche accueil du trafic maritime typique de l'avant-port (port de pêche, services aux navires, pilotes, ferries…)


Grand Port Maritime du Havre

Ce site sera dans la vague 1 de l’appel à projets qui sera lancée en mai 2016

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