Banks of the Le Havre - Tancarville Canal

Rue des chargeurs réunis - 76 600 Le Havre

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The rehabilitation of Saint-Nicolas district is the largest urban development project in Le Havre since the early 2000s. Combining urban amenities and port activities, contemporary architecture and warehouses, the district has an original image and is conveniently located at the city-port interface. The Le Havre - Tancarville canal is a major asset in the neighbourhood and benefits from an enhanced link with the water (underlined by the presence of the Canal Gardens on the south facade). The area attractive for companies seeking a location near the city and the port and logistics that could benefit from the availability of river transport services. The Dumont D'Urville integrated development zone (ZAC), a programme backed by the City of Le Havre with over 500 homes, will now grow eastwards, thus extending the neighbourhood. It concentrates an providing new housing. On the side of the Saône quay, the existing companies seem ready to change to take into account the context and new opportunities it brings.

On the bank ot the canal and partly itself, close to the Canal Gardens, the two plots of land are located in a mixed environment (housing, port services, small industry), with logistics facilities, the proposed site is highly visible (access possible by road, canal, and green transport modes) and open to a wide range of programmes. Il consitutes a link in a fast-changing district.

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Rue des chargeurs réunis
76 600 Le Havre

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Usages liés à la logistique portuaire, stationnement poids lourds….

Grand Port Maritime du Havre

Ce site sera dans la vague 1 de l’appel à projets qui sera lancée en mai 2016

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