Hangar O (76)

Quai de la Saône - 76 600 Le Havre

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The rehabilitation of Saint-Nicolas district is the largest urban development project in Le Havre since the early 2000's. Combining urban amenities and port activities, contemporary architecture an warehouses, the district has an original image and is conveniently located at the city-port interface. As a space for sharing between city and port, the Canal Gardens designed by Obras and Mazas in 2006 and its pool provide a high-quality area on the south facade ot the neighbourhood facing the activity of the port. Hangar O is serviced by this vast gardent promenade and is in the Dumont D'Urville integrated development zone (ZAC), a development programme involving over 500 homes backed by the City of Le Havre which will allow a larger number of inhabitants to access the neighbourhood's asset. Continuing on from the Canl Gardens to the east, the quay of the Saône houses port activites and services at the edge of the vast Le Havre - Tancarville canal. The Hangar O is seen as a point of interest on the Canal Gardens, a link to extend the district and the A'Docks student quarter. It can ben an entertainment site enhancing the qualities of its location (backing into a garden and a dock, combining sports an professional uses, etc.).

In this fast-changing neighbourhood, the Hangar O would be useful as an anchar, an entertainment site, a location for community life. Local residents (residents, students, employees, etc.) and visitors could benefit from cultural and / or commercial services in relation to their needs and the originality of the site. The architectural quality of the frontispiece is a noteworthy feature that enhances the visibility of the site. The integrated development zone (ZAC) will provide input in terms of visitors and employees.

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Quai de la Saône
76 600 Le Havre

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Le Hangar n'a plus d'usage

Ville du Havre

Ce site sera dans la vague 1 de l’appel à projets qui sera lancée en mai 2016

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AURH - 4 quai Guillaume Le Testu - 76063 Le Havre Cedex






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