Tunnel Henri IV

Tunnel Henri IV, 75004 Paris

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The Henri IV tunnel houses the Georges Pompidou expressway between Sully-Morland and L’Arsenal. It offers a large covered space along the banks of the Seine. Measuring 240m long by 8m wide, with a surface area of practically 2,000m2, the tunnel is opposite the scenery of the Ile Saint-Louis, the Quai Saint-Bernard and the Tino Rossi outdoor sculpture garden. Set below the Esplanade des Villes Compagnons de la Libération, it borders the Port Henri IV, home to restaurant cruises and a river stopover upon request. As part of the project to convert the right bank into a pedestrian zone in late summer 2016, it may provide continuity for pedestrian and bicycle paths as part of a route stretching over 7km between Place de la Bastille and the Eiffel Tower, along the banks of the Seine. It will most likely be open to the Seine and play a focal role in the new sports, recreational, leisure and entertainment uses along the banks of the river.
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The site is located below the building on 17 Boulevard Morland, a Reinvent Paris site. It is central to the development of new uses for the banks of the Seine. The site is particularly well exposed, and provides a scenic view of the wealth of Parisian architecture and landscape design. At the end of the proceedings to convert the right banks into pedestrian areas, the Henri IV Tunnel, which up until now has been reserved for road traffic, could provide a new opportunity for reconnecting with the river, contributing to the life of the riverbanks and livening up the walkway along the banks of the Seine, while also providing pedestrian and bicycle paths.  
Tunnel Henri IV, 75004 Paris

Current use
two lanes of traffic

City of Paris

This site will be the focus of further studies and is intended for the second round of the call for proposals, which will be launched in Autumn 2016.  


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