Le port de l'Allier (75)

Quai de l’Allier downstream from Boulevard Mac Donald, 75019 Paris

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The L’Allier urban port site on the right bank of the canal Saint-Denis on the edge of Paris, is included in the boundaries of the Northeast Paris redevelopment operation and falls within the “Innovation Arc”. A school has been built opposite on the left bank. The technical services of the Police Prefecture have been installed in an adjoining building, but will be leaving in the foreseeable future. It is accessible through an existing passageway on Boulevard Macdonald and has a ramp leading onto Quai de la Charente.
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The Port of l’Allier is part concrete surface and part green space, bordered by a plant-covered embankment. It can be used in its current state along the waterfront. It is located opposite the linear forest, an iconic site for its landscape, and along the transport shuttle line to the Le Millénaire business park. Its strategic location facilitates distribution to the various areas of economic activity in north-east Paris and the south of the Plaine Saint-Denis, in an environment that is in the process of being redeveloped.  

Quai de l’Allier downstream from Boulevard Mac Donald, 75019 Paris

Current use
Partial use as a car park

City of Paris

This site will be the focus of further studies and is intended for the second round of the call for proposals, which will be launched in Autumn 2016.


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