La passerelle aux câbles (94)

94 Ivry Charenton en seine-amont

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This cantilever beam bridge for pedestrians and bicycles with its one-piece access ramp was built between 1926 and 1929 by the Ivry Power Plant (at the time called Électricité de la Seine).

This bulky, reinforced concrete footbridge also carries power lines to the Ivry-sur-Seine industrial zone. It is 214 meters long and has a span of 134.60 meters. It is the departure point for cycle paths along the banks of the Seine and the Marne rivers and connects with the paths of the centre of Paris.
*perimeter and area given as a guide only

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For many years, the role of the Seine has been the central focus of discussions on how to best develop the Ivry Port district. The Ivry Confluences project has chosen to strengthen its connection with its banks through a combined method. The elimination of automobile traffic along the meander makes it possible to envision new uses and new connections with the water. The Passerelle aux Câbles, creating a balcony over the Seine and the confluence of the two rivers, can become a new type of crossing, representing a living space in addition to its use as a crossing point. 
94  Ivry Charenton en seine-amont

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Utilities and cycle path
City of Paris

This site will be the focus of further studies and is intended for the second round of the call for proposals, which will be launched in Autumn 2016.


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