2ha plot around the former Regional Court – Parc de La Bergère Departmental Park (93)

Parc de la Bergère Chemin latéral Cité administrative 2, 93000 Bobigny

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The areas surrounding the Canal de l'Ourcq have been identified as one of the priority sectors of transformation in the Grand Paris project. At the heart of this strategic development with projects planned from Paris to Pavillons-sous-Bois, the Parc de La Bergère is an essential landmark halfway between the Parc de la Villette and Parc de la Poudrerie. The department is currently leading a redevelopment project for the park, with the aim of creating a green centre offering innovative activities and services adapted to the numerous inhabitants and employees already in the area and those yet to arrive. At the far end of the park, opposite the canal, the plot of the former administrative district (cité administrative) measuring approximately 2 hectares will be the subject of an original and innovative planning based on the transformations of the park and the adjacent urban projects. With its exceptional location, this space set to be redeveloped offers great potential in terms of uses. Although certain buildings will be demolished as part of this project, the former Regional Court (building K), a heritage building, will be renovated to form a central point that stands out in the park.
*perimeter and area given as a guide only

®Departmental Council  of the Seine Saint-Denis

The park's visibility and accessibility have already been improved by the construction of a walkway, which connects to the project area, ZAC Ecocité. They will be further enhanced with a new path through the park, that will make it easier to reach the centre of Bobigny and its metro access.
The urban development of the area tends to set the park at the heart of the territory and strengthens its position on the green network and for the animation of the canal de l'Ourcq's banks.
The renewal of the 2ha plot located around the heritage building of former Regional Court, is an opportunity to complete the transformation of the park into a green metropolitan centrality. Its unique location, overlooking the canal de l'Ourcq and the park should lead multidimensional proposals: innovative, creative and articulated to the current transformations of this strategic sector.
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Parc de la Bergère Chemin latéral Cité administrative 2, 93 000 Bobigny

Current use
Several constructions are currently listed on this plot:
-  buildings C, D and E, ageing and of poor quality, requiring demolition,
-  building G H will be maintained pending a solution to relocate the staff stil lpresent on the premises,
-  building K, former Regional Court, will be renovated.
Excluding GH, the other buildings are vastly under utilised since the departure of the administrative services in early 2015.Tenders may therefore be scalable in order to adapt to the gradual emptying of the plot.
Departmental Council  of the Seine Saint-Denis

This site will part of the first round of the call for proposals which will be launched in May 2016

Address of sending of the demonstrationsof interest
Direction de l'aménagement et du développement
Conseil départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis
Hôtel du Département
93006 Bobigny cedex
Address of meeting of the visits
Maison du parc de la Bergère
Chemin latéral
93000 Bobigny
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