Halle des Salins (93)

24-32 route d’Aulnay 93140 Bondy

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From Pantin to Bondy, the Plaine de l'Ourcq axis of the Est Ensemble zone is undergoing great transformations, accompanying the arrival of line 15 and the Pont du Bondy and the TZEN3 along the former RN3 road, intended to open the city up to the canal.
Situated within the boundaries of the Les Rives de l’Ourcq Urban Development Zone (ZAC) in Bondy, the Halle des Salins is a testament to the Canal de l'Ourcq's industrial past: it is a former storage building for salt transported by waterway, offering a main facade along the northern bank of the canal.
The new use for the Halle des Salins represents a part of the first phase of the Urban Development Zone (ZAC) project, which involves the construction of 1,300 housing units by 2030. This building will be used to provide diverse new cultural and economic activities, which will be open to the future community. This new hub located on the canal will provide uses which may evolve over time, as more housing is created and the area continues to be transformed.
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The Halle des Salins is symbolic of the area’s industrial heritage, located directly on the Canal de l’Ourcq. It has a sound structure and can be adapted to create several levels, and hence additional floor area. It benefits from public space nearby, with areas dedicated to active modes of transport, and access for light vehicles from the Route d’Aulnay.
The challenges for new uses of the Halle des Salins lie in the creation of a lively place for activities for the Plaine de l’Ourcq as a whole. Another challenge will be to open it up to the north and towards the canal. The connection with the centre of Bondy must also be reinforced, as well as the role of the canal as a cultural area. 
The way the building is used, crossed through, travelled around, etc. must attract Bondy residents and create a link between the city centre and the canal. 
24-32 route d’Aulnay 93140 Bondy

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This site will be the focus of further studies and is intended for the second round of the call for proposals, which will be launched in Autumn 2016.


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