Terrain sur Port 2000 (76)

Terminal Port 2000 - Port Sud - Zone Port 2000

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HAROPA - Port of Le Havre, the leading French container port, has created Port 2000, a deep-water port that can berth the largest container ships in world 24/7 without any tidal constraints.
Port 2000's first container terminal opened in 2006. Since then, two other terminals have set up on the the same site, enabling them today to handle most of HAROPA's container traffic (2.1 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent containers) on Port 2000 in 2015). A such, it is a strategic site for the port system of the Seine corridor.
International ports, such as Port 2000 in Le Havre, have the distinction of no longer being directly related to urbain activities, the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code requiring a physical separation between shipping terminals and public areas. The separating area can be a location for new business activities supporting the terminals and companies that are developing their activities within them.

The site, which is accessible either before or after the François 1 lock (in which case it would be located in a Restricted Access Zone), is in direct contact with all the operators in the sector, including Port 2000 terminals. The focus expected for the site will be a new and / or innovative activity that could provide support for companies already operating in the sector.

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Terminal Port 2000 - Port Sud - Zone Port 2000
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76600 Le Havre

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Grand Port Maritime du Havre

Ce site sera dans la vague 1 de l’appel à projets qui sera lancée en mai 2016

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AURH - 4 quai Guillaume Le Testu - 76063 Le Havre Cedex



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