Alfortville (94)

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At the confluence of the Seine and Marne rivers, between the Alfortville footbridge and Ivry Bridge, at the foot of the Chinagora complex, the site consists of a stretch of water about 370 linear meters long and twenty meters wide. The special feature of this site is that it is mainly accessible by waterway or for pedestrians by the existing stopover point.

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Gateway to the town and country, this stretch of water is highly visible with breathtaking views of the Seine and Marne. Its special characteristics (a single stretch of water, main access by river) make it a place conducive to urban innovation and development of new uses of the river. Given the issues, HAROPA-Ports de Paris may consider postponing the signing of the lease contract to allow the candidate to finalize its project.

Quai Pierre Cosmi (94140 Alfortville) - At the confluence of the Seine and Marne rivers

Current occupations
Presence of a stopover point for passenger vessels

Falls within public wilderness lands, state property managed by HAROPA-Ports of Paris.

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Quai Pierre Cosmi

94140 Alfortville


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