Port of Javel-bas (75015 Paris)

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The site is located at the exit from André Citroën Parc, the largest park to be opened in Paris since Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, and consists of a stretch of water representing approximately 2,000 m² (130m long x 15.5m wide) and the adjoining quayside area representing approximately 2,800 m². Exceptional in terms of its size, its is increasingly being used by employees for breaks during the week and by families for leisure activities at the weekend.
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Complete the entertainment / leisure / sports offer on the Seine with water-related activities open to the public such as an outdoor swimming pool for leisure, paddling, swimming, solarium activities etc.
The site represents a triple opportunity :
- use by tourists on the river cruise ships with accommodation which call at the berths specially reserved for their use,
- use by residents in connection with the nearby business districts,
- use by visitors on weekends attracted by the nearby park (with its monumental greenhouses and tethered balloon).
The exit from André Citroën Park has opened the town towards the river Seine, forming a site a suitable for the development of leisure, sports, recreational and water-related activities. The quayside area can be used to develop a complementary activity in spring and summer.

exit from André Citroën Parc (75015 Paris)

Current occupations
2 entertainment and leisure facilities (ICAL) on the water (Equité and Thalassa) both of which are currently being relocated).

HAROPA-Ports of Paris owns the quayside area, the stretch of water is State property managed by HAROPA-Ports of Paris.

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