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The site consists of the wharf at the foot of the passerelle aux Câbles (also know as Ivry-Charenton Bridge) representing approximately 2,500 m² of surface area and the adjoining stretch of water.
Formerly used by the Paris Urban Heating Company (CPCU) to unload fuel oil to supply the district heating plant, the site is located in the Ivry-Confluence integrated development zone (ZAC).
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In the centre of the Ivry-Confluence integrated development zone (ZAC), the site represents a twin development opportunity:
- Activities related to river transport using the existing infrastructure.
The wharf, currently undergoing a civil engineering survey, can be used to load / unload river barges.
- Entertainment / leisure activities related to the creation of a town park and nearby housing programs.
Quai Auguste Deshaies (Ivry-sur-Seine 94 200) at the foot of the passerelle aux Câbles

Current occupations
Fuel oil unloading site for barges but unused since 2015

HAROPA-Ports of Paris owns the wharf, the stretch of water is State property managed by HAROPA-Ports of Paris.

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